Here at Calder Electronics we have an extensive range of products available. In fact so many different lines of products that there are just to many to list on our site. That being said, to get an idea of the products that we do sell in store please read through the list below:

Computer Products - Power supplies, modems, switches, range extenders, sata cables, ide cables, ethernet cables, crossover cables, speakers, keyboards, mice, mousepads, screens, VGA cables, HDMI cables, DVI cables, cases, web cameras, microphones, sound cards, graphics cards, cpus, ram, motherboards, software, fans, optical drives, external drives, hard drives, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and more!

Audio and Video Products - Audio leads, video leads, speakers, headphones, coax connectors, F-type connectors, satellites, freeview boxes, 3.5mm plugs, 6.5mm plugs, VGA cables, HDMI cables, DVI cables, scart cables, component cables, DVD players, Portable DVD players, microphones, aerial leads, FM transmitters and more!

Telephone products - Cables, connectors, smartphones, cellphones, handheld phones, VOIP phones, sim cards, joiners, wall plates, filters, headphones, phone cards, top ups, phone cases, cell phone chargers and more!

Power Supplies and Cables - IEC, clover leaf, figure 8, multi voltage adaptors, laptop chargers, computer power supplies, extension cables, USB plugs, international travel adaptors and the list could just go on!

Printer Supplies - Standard paper, ink cartridges, toners, fax paper, photo paper, laser printers, multi function printers, print servers and more!

We sell watch batteries, AA, AAA, C, D, cellphone batteries, home phone batteries, laptop batteries, hearing aid batteries, smoke machines, party lights, metal detectors, tripods, alarm clocks, cameras, bluetooth headsets and adaptors, laptop bags, photo frames, usb hubs, card readers, mp3 players, video cameras, cds, dvds, memory sticks, compact flash cards, SD cards, micro SD cards and LOTS LOTS MORE at some of the best prices in town!

You can visit us on Trade Me where we have listed a small range of products available for purchase and if something you want isn't listed then drop us an email at and we will list it for you as soon as possible.

Still the best thing to do is to visit us instore where you will find our customer service is outstanding and the range of stock unbelievable. If we don't have something you need we will do our best to order the product in for you.